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        I used to love going out each year and choosing my new stationery, school shoes and a new school bag. I wasn’t vegan at the time but was still generally avoiding leather. I do remember choosing trendy pleather bags that would break in the first month, which ends up wasting more money.

        Vegan School Bag Criteria

        However, after doing some hunting I’ve found the best vegan school bags. I set some criteria in choosing these bags:

        1. They need to look good – it might be strong and vegan but if it doesn’t look good then you won’t want to use it.
        2. It must, of course, be vegan
        3. It must be durable. If it’s faux leather then it needs to be sturdy and have sturdy fastenings that won’t buckle under the weight of textbooks.
        4. It needs to be practical. Can it fit textbooks, folders, and pencil cases in it comfortably?
        5. It needs to be affordable. There are great, high quality, vegan bags that I’d love to feature but they’re not realistic. It’s worth investing some money so that you don’t have to keep replacing it, but nobody needs a designer bag for school (but you do you.)

        I will try to cover a range of styles so that there’s something to suit everyone.

        1. H&M Black Vegan Shoulder Bag

        This shopper bag from H&M is one of the most practical shopper bags I found. Most had very thin straps which, a) hurt when you’re carrying a lot and they dig in to your shoulders and b) don’t last very long. This bag has thick sturdy straps with strong stitching on the bag itself. 

        This faux leather shoulder bag also comes in grey so you can choose the style that most suits you. The bag is only £17.99 and is also one of the widest faux leather shoppers. 

        2. Adidas Vegan Tote Bag

        This bag reminded me of a Hollister bag I used to have for school. It was one of the most durable bags I’d ever had. It’s so much stronger than your typical tote bag. These are thick, woven straps with the strongest stitching. The bag it also made from a thick cotton. This tote is also huge so will fit everything you need. It’s also pretty trendy. 

        Cotton canvas tote bag cut large with an expansive interior, featuring a fuzzy polar fleece pocket panel at front accented with embroidered trefoil logo outline. Finished with inner organizer and webbed carrying handles.

        The Adidas tote bag is £35 and will last forever. If you buy it from Urban Outfitters then you can also get 10% student discount. 

        3. Vegan Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

        So this one is on the pricier side but it survives! It’s super durable and holds so much without being too bulky. It also looks pretty cool so is a great alternative to your mountain warehouse backpacks.

        Iconic Kanken backpack by Fjallraven is a Scandinavian design classic dating back to 1978. Built to bear the blows of mountains, playgrounds, and commutes alike. Finished with top carry handles, a zip opening, two side pockets, zippered front pouch, and adjustable straps. Reflective badge to the front. 

        You can get the Fjallraken Kanken backpack in loads of different colours from Urban Outfitters (or ASOS) for £75, but you can get 10% student. But they are always for sale on Depop and Ebay so definitely look out for second hand options. 

        4. Mi-Pac Canvas Fold Top Backpack

        A cheaper alternative to the Kanken backpack is this fold top backpack from Mi-Pac. They do a really nice range of affordable backpacks and have wide, durable straps. The fold top also makes it a lot more practical for carrying different size books without putting strain on a zip. 

        Mi-Pac fuses classic style with contemporary British designs to create a range of tough and durable rucksacks and backpacks. Famed for their faux suede bottom, the brand adds a feminine spin to boyish bags.

        This vegan backpack is only £29.99 from ASOS and you can grab 10% student discount.

        5. Vegan Faux Leather ASOS Striped Shopper Bag 

        I LOVE this bag. It’s faux leather but super sturdy. It has strong, thick straps with strong stitching. It also comes with a little pouch, which might be useful for keeping bits and bobs tidy in your bag. The bag also comes in pure white. 

        This is one of the cheaper bags at £25 from ASOS. Again, you can get 10% student discount. It’s oversized so will have plenty of room for all your school stuff. 


        This made me really nostalgic but also remembered all the mistakes I made buying terrible bags. I searched for these bags with the strictest criteria so hopefully none of you fall into the same traps. Hope this helped! 


        I love the MI-PAC backpack!

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