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        I recently reviewed some natural, vegan and cruelty free skincare items from Miss Patisserie, but I’d also purchased some of their bath items. 

        Miss Patisserie’s website is so dreamy. I want to own all of their products. I don’t have baths as often as I have showers, so when I do I like it to be as therapeutic as possible. I chose two bath bombs and some bath shards and also received one of their shower steamers. They have so much to choose from so you’ll definitely find something to suit you.

        Vegan and Cruelty Free Bath Bombs

        The two bath bombs, or ‘bath balls’ as they’re listed on the site, I chose were Miami and Ziggy. Miami is the cloudy blue and yellow, and Ziggy is the gold one (I’m a sucker for metallic). 

        I was expecting them to smell like Lush, but refreshingly they didn’t. They had their own unique scents which were super up-lifting. 

        Miami has lavender a Florida Grapefruit essences, so I really bought into the idea of it feeling like I was relaxing on holiday. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the scent when it arrived but it was so relaxing.

        One thing that was a bit strange was how long it took to dissolve. It did disperse throughout the bath and turn it a nice blue-green, but it never fully dissolved – even when I’d finished my bath. I just had to try and crumble it in in the end. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the bath bombs are definitely big enough, but I don’t really know what the reasons are for this. 

        The important part was how moisturising it was. Just after swirling my arm in the water after I’d first dropped it in made my hand super soft. 

        I’d definitely recommend trying out the ‘bath balls,’ they’re around £4.50 on the Miss Patisserie site. 

        Bath bomb for the shower?!

        So this one had me super intrigued. It’s basically a flat bottomed bath bomb that you can use in the shower. But rather than it fizzing around your feet, it releases aromatic scents into the air to relax or perk you up while you’re showering. The scents are meant to infuse with the steam for a little aromatherapy in the morning. 

        I love the idea behind these because sometimes I want a bit of relaxation or need something to get me going in the morning but don’t always have the time or feel like having a bath. 

        The one I received is called ‘Sunny’ so it sounded like a great start to a busy blogging day. I had an event to go to so I wanted to shower but I also wanted to feel pampered. Sunny has a citrusy smell to it, so definitely helps to wake you up in the morning.

        The only problem I had is that I think it’d work better with cubicle / self contained showers. I have a shower in a bath so it doesn’t trap the steam as much as a shower cubicle would. It still worked, but I can’t help but feel it’d have a bigger impact if I had a different shower. Not the shower steamer’s fault though. 

        Regardless, I definitely enjoyed using it and even if it was just placebo it made me feel a lot brighter after my shower. I’m going to be getting more of these! 

        How to get super soft skin | Cruelty Free & Vegan

        Just before I get into the review, the bath shards do look better than they do in the photo when you buy them, but it was such a hot day when they came that they melted before they even got photographed. So I had to stick them in the fridge and salvage what I had! 

        Anyway, it didn’t affect how the product worked. These are so soft and moisturising, just holding them with the heat of your hand starts to get them working. I had very soft hands after arranging them for shooting. 

        I love that you can just break them up into pieces so easily so that you can use as much or as little as you want. They also look gorgeous! The ones I chose were the Black Salt bath shards. They melt very quickly into the bath and then you can see a film appear. It turns your bath water into a moisturiser so I just rubbed into into my skin, which stayed on even after I got out of the bath. 

        They contain cocoa and shea butter so a lovely, rich moisturiser. I do think that you could use these in the shower if you melted them a little in your hands and rubbed into your skin. 

        These are a great addition to the bath, particularly if preparing to go out or feel like you need a little TLC. 

        Miss Patisserie’s product range is gorgeous and has recently just launched in Boots. I love vegan only shops because it makes the shopping experience so enjoyable when you know you can buy anything. Check out their range and let me know if you find something you love. 

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