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        This month’s edit focuses on bringing greenery into the home, gold accents and healing baths that’ll get you through the cold days.

        Design Anthology Magazine

        This read is packed with the most beautiful asian designs. The designs and products it features aren’t strictly vegan but it’s a great read for a Sunday, with a coffee, to get your creative juices flowing.

        Plant // The Watered Garden

        Bringing in more greenery to the home helps to add a little life – quite literally. It not only improves the quality of the air but being around plants has a calming effect on the mind. This plant is a Peperomia Hope and is currently a little baby. Find a local plant shop and ask for recommendations for your home and lifestyle and watch a couple of plants grow in 2018.

        Plant Pot // Namoki

        Invest in well crafted plan pots when bringing new life into the home. This one was originally a coffee cup but look rather sweet as a small plant pot for a baby plant. It’s hand thrown with stoneware clay and has a sandy texture on the exterior. It’s understated but is a finishing touch to a coffee table set up.

        Eucalyptus // Local

        As well as adding potted plants, try bringing regular fresh greenery into the house. Instead of opting for fresh cut flowers, find a local supplier and ask for eucalyptus. You can get a large bunch for pocket change and it’ll make your home smell amazing. Usually associated with Christmas, it adds a bit of a spicy, but natural scent to your living space.


        Gold Watch

        Similar – ASOS

        Similar – Cluse

        The metal watch is a lot more durable than a lot of faux leather straps on the market and is a great option if you don’t want to invest in a high quality faux leather watch. It has the power to pull an entire outfit together – as well as tell the time. Opt for minimal, well chosen pieces of jewellery to pair it with.

        Earrings // Open House

        These earrings make the perfect pairing. The Sister earrings by Open House are unusual and catch attention. Rather than a statement necklace, try statement earrings instead.

        Himalayan Bath Salt // Botanical Apothercary

        In the cold weather, it’s nice to look forward to a long hot bath in the evening. Rather than the usual expensive Lush bath bombs (which we also love), try himalayan bath salts to soothe the body and mind. These contain rose petals and lavender and smell incredible – they also turn the bath a little pink. They heal the skin, ease aches and pains, and stimulate circulation.

        Styling: Daisily

        Photography: Rhys Herbert



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