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        I’ve had a terrible journey with knitwear. I used to buy a few ill-fitting, poor quality, cheap jumpers which would need replacing each year. I never had anything I loved and nothing was trustworthy. I’ve become more conscious of the clothing I buy now, always having the intention of wearing it for a long time to come.

        Buying cheap, trendy pieces are a quick fix. You get an instant rush and then a month later you’re reluctantly pulling it out the draw when everything you wanted to wear is in the wash. It’s not flattering and it’s out of style in a couple of months. Where as investment pieces can last you a lifetime (or at least a very long time).

        Our clothes hold memories. The jumper you throw on on a summer evening, the jumper you wear when you’re exploring the countryside, the jumper you wear for an impromptu brunch in the city. You pack it on every adventure and know you can rely on it.

        I didn’t have that for a long time until I found Old Harry. Old Harry make the jumpers that you never let go of. Their lines are simple and classic and most importantly they have a cotton line, which are high quality and vegan friendly. And who knew how special it’d feel to peel back the sticker on the tissue paper and pull out the new knit. Every element of the product and brand is considered and it’s a brand I would remain faithful to.

        Their lines are unisex, so expect to have to share with your partner (and we do). It’s a slightly heavy knit which means that even when it’s oversized, it falls really nicely on the body. Although in being a heavier knit, it still feels light weight enough that you don’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable. Don’t confuse these for ‘outdoor wear’ – they can easily be a wardrobe staple. Wearing the black jumper in the city still felt sleek, despite being slightly oversized. A black knit, skinny jeans and a gold necklace is a minimalist’s dream. Throwing on your Old Harry jumper looks so effortlessly chic.

        As mentioned, the cotton line is vegan – which is a godsend. It’s difficult finding high quality knitwear lines that have non-wool items that also don’t break the bank. The jumpers are £65 and once you’ve made the investment, you won’t need another.

        The sizes range from XXS to XL so you’ll find one that fits perfectly for you.

        Having lived near the coast growing up and then moving to a city which probably couldn’t be much further from any coast line, Old Harry brings an element of nostalgia. And whenever you wear it you have the memories of every chilly evening on the beach.

        If you’re looking for that perfect knit, go and check out the range from Old Harry.

        Photography: Rhys Herbert

        Jumper kindly gifted from Old Harry


        You look gorgeous in that jumper, and it looks so well made. I recently wrote a piece on finding the best second-hand knitwear, but I may have to go first-hand now too!

        Besma |

        Thank you for reminding me of Old Harry, I first heard about them last year some time and I forgot about them. This jumper looks so cosy and like it fits exactly how you’d want a jumper to fit. Have you found they go bobbly at all? I’ve got woollen jumpers that go bobbly after being washed – I imagine they wouldn’t with it being cotton?

        Hey Rosie. I love it! Not at all. I don’t wash it as often as I would my regular tshirts etc but it hasn’t bobbled one bit 🙂

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