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        Teeth whitening is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. My teeth aren’t terrible but I definitely don’t love them. Before going cruelty-free I’d considered getting them done professionally but the price put me off. Once I went vegan and was checking the ingredients of products more and more, I became much more conscious of what I was doing to my body. 

        This meant that I wanted to use more natural skincare and toiletries as I learned about the nasties in them. Because of this, I was still put off teeth whitening. I looked into it more and more and did find cruelty free companies but I was still concerned that the chemicals could damage my teeth. 

        *I do want to disclaim that while I say this, I do still buy and wear makeup which isn’t completely natural so I get that I’m a bit of a hypocrite 

        I was contacted by BLVNCO who offered to send me one of their vegan and cruelty-free teeth whitening kits to try out. I jumped at the chance as I was exactly what I’d been looking for. BLVNCO make luxurious, yet affordable, teeth whitening kits that are also natural. Sometimes you miss out on the luxury when you’re buying natural products. 

        When the kit arrived it was in a matte black box which was so luxurious in itself. In the kit, you get a bamboo toothbrush (with protective cap), the oil pulling sachets, charcoal whitening powder and a silky drawstring pouch to keep it all in.

        I was skeptical of how well it’d work. Being a completely natural product, I knew it wouldn’t give the same instant results that harsh chemicals would and so I was unsure about how I might review it. However, when I actually tried it I thought I was going mad. 

        After the first use I noticed a difference. Because I wasn’t expecting it I just convinced myself that it was some sort of placebo effect. The second time I used it I noticed even more of a difference and I couldn’t deny the results. For the record, no one that knows me would’ve suddenly been asking if I’d had my teeth professionally whitened, but I felt better about my smile.

        The first product I tried was the charcoal powder and toothbrush. The toothbrush is really well made so it feels super durable – and it’s bamboo so top eco points. You just need one dip into the powder and it’ll turn your entire mouth black. Despite keeping my mouth closed it also got all round it so I suggest doing this BEFORE applying your makeup. 

        There’s not really a taste to it so it’s really easy to use. It took a little while to fully rinse out but I did the oil pulling next which fully cleansed my mouth.

        The oil pulling was a little strange. When I squeezed the sachet into my mouth, it immediately felt like the time when the orthodontist puts that weird putty mold into your mouth when you’re getting braces. That made me have a mini panic. But when I stuck with it I realised it was no where near that bad and it soon turned completely liquidy as I swished it in my mouth. 

        When I was finished with this routine my mouth felt so clean and my teeth felt so smooth. It felt soooo good and the difference I noticed in my teeth made me feel pretty good too. 

        Overall I think natural teeth whitening is the way to go. You don’t have to risk damaging your teeth and unless your teeth are seriously stained, you should notice a difference. It also helps to keep your mouth healthy which will keep your teeth looking great in the long run. I recommend looking into BLVNCO for their teeth whitening kit if you want to feel all fancy – without a ridiculous price tag (£34.99 for the whole bundle).

        Photography: Rhys Herbert

        Kit kindly provided by BLVNCO


        Love • Love • Love your blog! I’m off now to try your detailed guide to cutting a bob. Thought I’d mention some good luck with a simple and inexpensive method to whiten with a single capsule of turmeric, a dab of coconut oil, and a drop of peppermint oil. Mix them up then brush on teeth, rinse, and brush again with your normal toothpaste. It makes a mess of one toothbrush but so far this is the only downside I can see.

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