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        I first came across Miss Patisserie on Instagram and the ‘Honest #Vegan Skincare’ bio instantly intrigued me. As a cruelty free blogger, I see soooo many vegan skincare brands popping up, but Miss Patisserie was refreshing. 

        I own a lot of natural, vegan, skincare products, but they were all starting to get a bit samey. I looked through their online store and was so excited to try out some products. I tried to pick out a range of different items to review. In this post I will be reviewing the non-bath skincare items – basically stuff for your face. Follow me on Instagram for updates on my review of their bath and shower products.

        Cruelty Free and Vegan Cleansing Soap

        I was really curious about their cleansing bars. I haven’t used bars of soap in years. They’ve always creeped me out a bit – I think after I learned that they used to be made from animal fat when I was younger. But I’ve been after a facial cleanser that felt like it was really cleaning my face. I bought the Pink Clay Cleansing Bar which is meant to be soothing for sensitive skin. 

        I occasionally get dry patches on my cheeks so I went for the sensitive bar. When I opened it, it smelled surprisingly like soap. It wasn’t a bad thing, I was just expecting it to smell more herbal? Anyway, I lathered it up and massaged it into my face after I had already removed the majority of my makeup. It felt super clean! I got that squeaky clean feeling. I did notice that it had dried my skin a little bit – as I expected with a bar of soap. I used argan oil afterwards to help moisturise my skin.

        I also used it on my body when I wanted a quick wash but didn’t have time for a shower. I absolutely loved it as a body cleanser. 

        Overall this is definitely going to become part of my skincare routine. I’m going to be cautious about overdoing it and make sure I’m not double cleansing with it. I think that it’ll work even better if you have oily skin. I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin. There’s a coconut cleansing bar that I think would be much more moisturising for dry skin so I might try that one out next. 

        Cruelty Free, Vegan & Natural Face Mask

        I also purchased the mineral mud mask set, which came with a dish, spoon and brush to apply it. Before I review the mask itself I should point out that as soon as I opened the brush loads of bristles fell out. And I mean A LOT. Every time I touched it more fell out. This often happens with brand new, cheap brushes. This did disappoint me. After the majority of the loose brushes had fallen out, I could then use it. It did still have plenty for the application so it didn’t damage the brush. Although it doesn’t look like any of the photos of other people’s brushes or the ones on the site, it does look and feel much cheaper, so perhaps I just received an anomaly? 

        Another point was how small the dish was. I’m not actually disappointed by this, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. All of the photos I had seen showed more of a bowl, but mine was more of a plate. They’re all handmade so differences are to be expected, but it did make it a little more difficult to keep the product within the dish. 


        On to the review of the actual product. I definitely made too much and ended up using the rest of the product on my boyfriend! So it does go further than you think. It says to use a tbsp on the pot – I only needed half of this. I’d recommend one scoop of the spoon (around a tsp). 

        You just add a little bit of water until it makes a paste consistency. I loved the mask that it made. I usually buy pre-made mud mixes and this was so much nicer! It’s also nice to mix it up and apply it yourself with a brush. It feels much more like a pampering session. The mask is £7.90 and is recommended to be used 1-2 times a week. I definitely think you’ll get your money out of this! It’s such a great price. 

        One thing I will point out is that this powder can go everywhere! As soon as I unscrewed the lid, lots of product spilled out. I’d recommend screwing and unscrewing it over a sink.

        While I left it on, I did notice that it itched a little bit as it dried. Nothing worrying, this happens with all face masks I use. It didn’t irritate my skin at all, which is the important part. After I washed it off with a face cloth, my skin felt so soft! My boyfriend even commented on how soft it was. As this is a purifying mask, it will draw out impurities and I noticed I had one more spot come out the next day, which I could then treat. It will also draw out any oils so it’s important to use a natural moisturiser after this if your skin is feeling a little dry. I used argan oil. (But try to avoid putting on too many products again as it’ll clog the skin). 

        Apart from the issues with the accessories, I’m definitely going to try out their other masks. They have a Walnut Stone mask which doesn’t draw out the oil – making it perfect for dry skin. 

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