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        I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! If you didn’t already know, Kat Von D is creating her own line of vegan shoes. She already has her own makeup line, which is soon to be all vegan, and now she’s going after our hearts with shoes. 

        She said, “I know how hard it is to find high-quality shoes with style that aren’t made from animal leather, fur, or use glues derived from horses+cows, and that you can afford!” 

        So we know they’re going to be completely vegan but they’re also going to be affordable. We don’t currently know what affordable means yet but it sounds like they’ll at least be great shoes to invest in as she’s putting in so much effort to make them high quality. 

        “And don’t worry, they’re not all going to be sky-high platforms – I got every style and sizes covered [including a few unisex pieces 👫”

        So we know it’s going to be a diverse line, but this will be one of the first high profile collections to have unisex pieces. How often do you see that?  


        Here’s a sneak preview of one shoe out of 26 in the collection… 

        This is obviously one of the show pieces but I’m excited to see that she hasn’t shied away from faux leather and gone with canvas, which we often see. 

        She says that they’ll be launching at the end of the year. Sign up below for updates! 

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