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        Gingham Trend

        I feel like I was quite slow to the gingham trend. I haven’t really liked a lot of the items in store. It wasn’t until I was on ASOS recently, buying the shoes and jacket in these photos, that I found this gingham jumpsuit! I instantly fell in love and impulse bought the whole lot. 

        Definitely worth it. 

        The jumpsuit is lightweight, so it’s perfect for summer and is super comfy. It has a tie around the waist, which is great as it’s quite a loose fitting structure. 

        I paired it with my ASOS pink shirt jacket with bow tied sleeves. I had to keep refreshing until one came into stock to buy. I love that it’s a fairly neutral pink so that I can wear it with a lot of things. I’d been hunting for a Spring jacket and I think this might be it. 

        As the jumpsuit is a bit boxy and cropped, I wanted to wear heels with it. These strap back mules are great because the platform evens out the heels, making them feel more like a flatform. This makes them so comfortable to wear that they might become my go-to heels. They’re faux leather too, of course. I wore a thin pair of socks, which I’d picked up in Tokyo, with them while I’m breaking them in (also because I couldn’t be bothered to paint my toes). 


        What I’m wearing

        Warehouse Gingham Jumpsuit

        ASOS Pink Jacket Bow Sleeves

        Truffle Black Mule Heels

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