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        I’ve tried quite a few liquid lipsticks so I wanted to share my thoughts on the best and worst! There are also a few brands in here that are controversial (I’m sure you already know who they’re gonna be) but I want to talk about them anyway. 

        1. NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks Review

        These lipsticks are the cheapest I own. They’re £7, but if you’re a student you can get them on Asos with 10% off. The colours are gorgeous! They’ve really cherry picked the trendiest colours so if you’ve seen a colour you like on Instagram, it’s likely that they’ll have something similar. I have about 5 of these in nudes, mauves and reds, and they all perform pretty similarly.

        The pigmentation is good, but the first swipe can be a little streaky. Two swipes always does it for me and I never need more than that. The consistency is slightly moussey but not too thick.

        It does take a little while to fully dry down and sometimes I find that it stays a little tacky – especially if I’ve had to use two swipes. I usually have that ‘there’s something on my lips’ feeling while I’m wearing it but it’s not uncomfortable. 

        The wear time is good but they don’t hold up very well against food and always feel disgusting after eating.

        For the price, I think these are a great option for trying out some colours, or even for colours that you won’t wear that often.

        Verdict: 3/5

        2. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks Review

        I only own one Jeffree Star Liquid lipstick in androgyny. My friend always used to wear it and I LOVED it. However, when I tried it I was a little underwhelmed. The colour is perfect and the pigmentation is great, but it was always tacky. The feeling of wearing it felt like my NYX Lingerie lipsticks which only cost £7! The Jeffree Star lipsticks are £16 on Beauty Bay. 

        I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about these lipsticks, and of course the disgusting behaviour of the owner, so I wouldn’t really recommend them. Purely based on the product itself I wouldn’t recommend them either. For 10 quid cheaper I could get the NYX lipsticks. 

        I had wanted to try Gemini but now I know that the formula just doesn’t work for me, I won’t be purchasing anymore. 

        Verdict: 3/5

        3. Lime Crime Liquid Lipsticks Review

        Staying with the controversial brands, Lime Crime. When I first received the lipsticks I didn’t know the entire story. I knew it had been a little shady in the past with its cruelty free and vegan status but it wasn’t until recently that I read up on it properly. It’s pretty bad. However, I still am going to review the product as it’s still a choice for some. 

        This was the first liquid lipstick formula I’d tried and I did really like it. They were quite thin in consistency but the pigmentation was amazing. I only needed one swipe and it was perfect. They dried very quickly and were so comfortable to wear. They even held up pretty well against food and drink. 

        I did notice that they could be a bit dry towards the end of the day, but it was never too concerning. 

        I would not recommend these due to the controversy over ingredients (not only being vegan/cruelty free but potentially not being safe) but they did out-perform Jeffree Star. 

        Verdict (based on formula only): 4/5

        4. Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint Liquid Lipstick Review

        So I did save the best til last. Firstly I want to commend tarte on clearly labeling their vegan products. It feels so safe seeing that label there. I’d stopped wearing liquid lipsticks for a while because the only brand I wanted to support out of the previous three was NYX and I didn’t like the feeling of wearing them all day. Just out of curiosity I bought one of the tarte liquid lipsticks.

        The formula was thin, like the Lime Crime ones, but super pigmented. One swipe was enough. They dry very quickly but they dry down feeling like you have nothing on at all. I couldn’t believe it. There’s no transfer at all and when I touch my lips it doesn’t feel like there’s anything on them – they just feel a little smoother. 

        The lipstick didn’t sink into the lines on my lips either, it smoothed right over them and made my lips look more plump. I immediately tried smiling with the biggest grin I could and I still couldn’t feel the lipstick. It didn’t crack or separate, it was so flexible. 

        This really is the most comfortable formula I’ve tried out of them all and thankfully there hasn’t been any shadiness about the brand that I’m aware of. I can wear this all day without thinking about it or worrying about maintenance. 

        I will be purchasing so many more now! 

        Verdict: 5/5

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