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        Face masks have always seemed a bit gimmicky to me. It’s just something that was done at sleepovers because it just was. The excitement of not being able to move your face and then revealing the baby soft skin beneath. But that softness never lasted and I’d never used them regularly enough to notice a lasting difference to my skin. But then I got to try out a real mask that isn’t targeted at 10 year olds at a sleepover… 

        A Hydrating Vegan Face Mask

        From what I’ve noticed, when you get into the more intensive skin care treatments, you get more animal cruelty. Bee venom etc. A lot of the brands are tested on animals, but that’s fine because we look radiant. Buuut the SOS Hydra Mask by Madara changes this. I received this sample in my Love Lula beauty box and just tossed it into a drawer. As I said, I thought masks were a bit gimmicky. Then, when I was going through my products-to-test drawer, I squeezed a bit onto the back of my hand. I noticed that it seemed to perform a bit more like a moisturiser, which intrigued me. 

        The mask is meant to be either a leave on or wipe off treatment. So this is much more of a treatment than a mask, if there’s a difference? It doesn’t make your skin rock solid like a mud mask. It contains a lot of natural ingredients that have been specifically chosen for their moisturising properties. It does also claim to tone but I think I saw much more of the moisturising effects. (The toning could be more noticeable in more mature skin.) It also contains hyaluronic acid which helps to plump and bring moisture to the skin, which I mentioned in my previous blog post on a Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare routine.  

        I had a little look into some more popular hydrating face masks and noticed an immediate similarity to the Clinique Moisture Surge Mask. I checked the ingredients and found that the Clinique mask was chocca with chemicals, including dimethicone which is a silicone that helps to clog your pores, where as the Madara mask’s ingredients were a lot more plant based. I also noticed that the Clinique mask does not contain hyaluronic acid.

        Do Natural Ingredients Work?

        So do plants and flowers and stuff actually work as well as chemicals? Yes*. I used the mask as a leave on treatment, usually in the evening but sometimes in the morning on a no makeup day. It really worked as an intensive moisturiser and my skin looked noticeably healthier. It’s not too heavy and sinks into the skin nicely. I think this will be a big winter saviour! I might try it to prep my skin for makeup and see how it works out. 

        * Here’s the deal. It works, it really does. But it also comes with a price tag. Like I said, this is more comparable to a high end skin care product. It costs £35 for 60ml, which seems kind of pricey but as a total dupe for the Clinique mask (£30 for 100ml) but without the animal testing and nasty ingredients, I’d say it was a no brainer if you’re in the market. 


        Hate to tell you this, bit Madara isn’t cruelty free.

        Hi Kirsten, from my research they are cruelty free and cruelty free approved by LoveLula, would you be able to post your links for me 🙂

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