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        A new cruelty free make up brush has entered the market and it’s weird. I first saw these spoon/toothbrush things on Instagram and after a bit of searching I discovered that they were in fact ‘oval brushes.’ You might be thinking that I’m a little late to this trend, and I am. MAC have their own versions (actually designed by the guy that created Artis) but after beginning my cruelty free journey, I no longer support MAC. So what’s the deal with these? They’re synthetic and made from a completely new fibre that is also so densely packed on the brush head that it doesn’t absorb any of your makeup. As such you’re able to clean them with a micro fibre cloth between uses with powder makeup. They’re also meant to be a lot more ergonomic and quick to use. 
        I have the Oval 8 and Oval 4 brushes, which are ideal for foundation and concealer. With the price on these, this is definitely a great combination to go for if you can’t afford the whole range as I think these would make the greatest difference to the way your makeup looks. The Oval 8 is the bigger out of the two and makes my foundation flawless. I usually use a beauty blender but this is definitely so much quicker and I think a lot smoother. The handles of these bend with the contour of your face and I also found that it’ll evenly apply my foundation over my nose piercing, which is something I’ve never achieved (obviously I could just take it out but sometimes I’m lazy). The brushes look just as clean as when I first started using them (3 days) and so I can definitely see that they don’t take up any of the product. The Oval 4 is the perfect size for concealer and fits into the corner of my eye with ease, something my beauty blender struggles with. Both of these brushes are the softest I have ever owned!
        I find that the shape of the brushes feel a lot easier to use than my normal brushes and didn’t take much getting used to like I thought they would. They also feel like they relieve the tension in my wrists when I use them. Also look at how beautiful they are…

        You can buy these in the UK from SpaceNK here – £49 for the Oval 8 and £32 for the Oval 4. Obviously these are a very high end range and I think that if you’d really be stretching your money to buy these, stick with your beauty blender. They definitely make your routine a lot easier but I don’t think you should be bankrupting yourself over them!

        These look so nice! Are these just for liquids or powders too?

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