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        When you’re vegan you have two choices: the cheap fake leather ‘rip off’ bags or hunting down other materials in good quality handbags. I spoke about a great backpack from Freitag here but this bag is much sexier. Don’t get me wrong, I buy cheap bags and they satisfy my aesthetic ‘needs,’ but of course they are still just that – cheap. They break, the ‘leather’ starts to peel away and then you’re left with a beaten up bag that finds its way to the back of your wardrobe. But the well made bags that use materials other than leather are never usually quite on trend. For those that are wondering about whether you need to compromise your style or taste for designer goods, look no further than Matt and Nat. They make the most beautiful designer handbags made with vegan leather. This isn’t to be confused with the fake leather you find in Primark. They are of equal quality to their leather counterparts and are just so classic. As well as being cruelty free, they make their linings from 100% recycled plastic bottles. I own the Mira bag in the colour Gravel. I am in love with it. And I thought I’d do a christmassy shoot because it made me feel so festive. 

        This particular bag can be purchased for £115 but they range from around £80-£120. You can buy directly from the website here or search for their stockists near you. It keeps its shape so well, even with nothing in it, which is so good when you’re only carrying around a few items. I have been eyeing up their Blinkin cross body bags for something a bit smaller – but until this student debt is gone, I might have to wait.

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