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        So I was browsing Space NK, looking for a little treat and I came across Grown Alchemist. Their products looked a bit like Aesop’s and as I was considering purchasing Aesop’s exfoliant paste, I thought I’d do a bit of research. The company was founded by two Australian brothers and it only uses organic ingredients. I loved the sound of this already and decided to make a few purchases to try out the brand! 
        The first thing I added to my basked was the facial kit. These come in a lovely black box, which I found so luxurious and had me suckered. They’re smaller than the individual products, which I thought was great to try out a range but you still get enough product to last you for a long time! Within it I received a lip balm, toner, cleanser, facial oil and a day cream. I have already posted about building up my organic skin care routine here, but I think I may be adding these to the mix! 
        My review:
        THE LIP BALM: This is watermelon and vanilla scented and it smells delicious. It has a creamy gel-like texture to it and feels like a good conditioning treatment. I’d say that I’d use it as more of a treatment with my LUSH lip scrub as opposed to applying it throughout the day as it’s quite thick. But it definitely softens your lips. 
        THE TONER: Whilst this contains rose, it is not strongly scented, which I like. It left my skin feeling so silky. It also felt very kind on my skin where I find other toners are quite harsh. 
        THE CLEANSER: This has more of a gel consistency but is liquid enough to be poured. This again smells like rose but is not overpowering. It made my skin feel so refreshed and, again, very silky.
        FACIAL OIL: This, surprisingly didn’t leave my skin feeling or looking greasy. Whilst oils are great for the skin, they can sometimes leave you looking a little too dewey. But this one absorbs into the skin so evenly and as I keep saying, makes it so smooth! It also smells amazing. You just need one or two pipettes and it goes a long way. 
        THE DAY CREAM: Whilst I was first a little disappointed that the day cream was so small, as I would be using it daily, I was happy to find that it goes such a long way. The formula is really silky and actually reminded me of a primer. I think this would be a great base for makeup and it absorbed completely without leaving a greasy or shiny layer on my skin. 
        I definitely recommend this set if you want to try out the brand as it gives you a lot of products to use for only £34. And whilst that might still seem pricey, you are paying for great quality ingredients and all of these products will last. 
        I also purchased two full sized products, which were the purifying body exfoliant and the body cream. You get so much product in these! I also love their packaging and colours and they clearly state the ingredients that they do not use in addition to all of the plant ones that they do.
        My review:
        THE EXFOLIATOR: I loved this. It had a peppermint scent to it, which made me feel so clean and refreshed! The exfoliator was like a gel and it had exfoliating beads in it, which were mild enough for it to be used on more sensitive skin. I plan on using this once or twice a week to keep my skin silky smooth for summer. (£19)
        THE BODY CREAM: I get such dry legs, perhaps because I don’t drink enough water, and so I always have to moisturise before I go out in the day. The trouble I can find is that some of the more instensive moisturisers take ages to absorb and so I either end up wiping a load of moisturiser all over my clothes or walking around naked for 10 minutes before it dries! But I think I may have found my answer. This is a really intensive treatment, but it absorbs so quickly. And my skin feels so much smoother compared to my usual body butters. (£18)
        I would definitely recommend the combination of these two products. 
        And again, you can be rest assured that your products have not been tested on animals and are organic. I love that they make this so clear. They also label some of their products with ‘earth friendly’ materials and so you can make more sustainable choices too, something which I am working on! 
        You can purchase Grown Alchemist products at Space NK here or on their own website here.

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