Ringana Fresh Cosmetics | Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

A while ago Sveta and James reached out to me with some Ringana products to try. I hadn't heard of the brand before but it made me really happy knowing that there are so many brands out there hyping cruelty free cosmetics! Before I get into my review I just wanted to share their ethos 'cause it's great: 

"The products we use on a daily basis should be created with uncompromising ethics, social responsibility and with a focus on purity and quality heavily outweighing that on profit."

Ok good, now the review...

When products say that they're just full of goodness and natural ingredients, I always doubt it. We've been conditioned so much to believe that it has to be chemical to work. (Note: Not all chemical ingredients are bad.) But they did actually work to my delight. I received samples of some skincare products that were geared towards normal-combination skin. It's basically an entire skin care routine.

Natural and Vegan Cleanser

The first product is the cleansing milk. Honestly, I mainly only used this in the morning because I can get quite lazy. But they do recommend that it's used mornings and evenings like most people probably do. It had a milky consistency, reminding me of an old soap and glory cleanser I used to use. Unlike the soap and glory one, it worked without stingy my eyes. This definitely removed all of any makeup that had been left on the from the day before and made my skin feel super clean. It did also tackle a full face of makeup at the end of the day when I remembered to use it. I wet my face slightly then rubbed it in and rinsed it off using a muslin cloth.

Natural and Vegan Toner

After cleansing I used the toner. This smelled very... natural. I can't say it was a bad smell, but it just wasn't what I expected. It actually brought me back to my childhood when I used to pick rose petals from the garden and crush them up and try to make perfume. It felt very kind to my skin as opposed to most toners as it is plant based. The aim of the toner is to help keep oils at bay. My face doesn't tend to get too oily so I can't particularly comment on how well this worked. 

A Vegan Hydroserum

Next was the hydroserum. Out of the whole routine, this is the product that will probably make the most difference. It contains hyaluronic acid which helps to attract more moisture to the skin and plump it up. If you have more mature skin then this is a great ingredient to look out for to help plump and firm the skin, if that's what you're into. This sunk into my skin without leaving any residue. 

Natural and Vegan Moisturiser

Finally I used the creme concentrate 2. I loved this as a final moisturiser because it was light and sunk into my skin quickly. I don't like it when I feel like I have to wait around until a face cream has dried before I can continue with my morning. I like products that I can still use when I'm in a rush for work and I could still do this whole routine.  

A Natural and Vegan Skincare Routine

My final thoughts: I loved this routine. It was quick and easy enough to do every morning and I did see the benefits in my skin. My skin looked a lot fresher and I notice the difference when I don't use it. If you're used to a low maintenance skin care routine but still want to make a difference to your skin then I'd look into these products. They're not budget friendly but if you're after products that are kind to your skin and you're willing to pay a bit more for better quality ingredients then I recommend Ringana. 

Prices and where to buy: 

Cleansing Milk: £15.52 for 125ml

Toner: £15.15 for 125ml 

Hydroserum: £34.50 for 30ml 

Creme Concentrate 2: £28.48 for 50ml 

Sveta and James are official Ringana partners and you can buy these products through their page here. 

Or visit their website for more information and offers. 

[Faux] Leather Skirt OOTD | Vegan-ifying Trends

topshop faux leather skirt

I've found that since looking for vegan clothes, I've had to wait a little while longer to catch on to some of the recent trends. Real leather and wool is even in Primark now. I had been after a decent faux leather skirt that was on trend for this year. There are a lot of pleather ones out there that just feel like plastic. I wanted something like this season's Yves Saint Laurent skirt with the buckle. I had seen Toyshop had something similar but of course it was leather. 

Then on a trip to Westfield Stratford I came across this faux leather beauty. It looked and felt like real leather (whether or not that is desirable to you is completely personal preference. I do think it odd that I still buy faux leather and faux fur... bad vegan?). It fit like a dream, despite it looking so creased here in this photo. It's such good quality too. I had a scope round other shops hoping to find a cheaper version but nothing met the quality of this. 

If you're looking into leather alternatives but worried you won't be able to buy into the trends, you've just got to look a little deeper and be a little more patient sometimes. After all people who couldn't spend over a grand on a Saint Laurent skirt had to wait for Topshop to 'take inspiration' from it. 

I paired the skirt with a denim jacket and a blue, bird printed shirt. (Both from Topshop.) I also wore a choker and a black ribbon tied around into a floppy bow. Just 'cause I thought it was cute.

I tried out something a little new with my eye liner too...

I believe the skirt may have now sold out so here's another faux leather skirt from Topshop that has the same high quality fabric! 





Cruelty Free Black Friday Discount Code

antipodes cruelty free discount code

This is a really exciting post! Black Friday is upon as and it's a chance to stock up on some cruelty free products. If you use the code FRIDAY you will be able to get 15% off the LoveLula store! This includes the Lippy Girl Vegan and Cruelty Free Lipstick that I reviewed this month and also the following cult brands... 

vegan cruelty free nail varnish nailberry discount

These nail varnishes are beautiful and non toxic!

little ondine cruelty free vegan nail varnish discount

I discovered Little Ondine at Stylist Live and their nail varnishes and non toxic and scent free! You can also peel them off which is super satisfying. 

pacifica cruelty free vegan discount

This is your chance to stock up on their amazing cruelty free and vegan make up wipes!

Some of my recommendations: 

Click here for cruelty free and vegan skincare products that'll give you baby soft skin 

Click here for cruelty free and vegan cleansing products

This sale will be from Saturday 19th November until the 30th November.

Exempt from discount: 

Sale items, gift vouchers and their Love Lula box subscription.

Happy shopping! 

Too Faced No Longer Cruelty Free? | Parent Companies That Test On Animals

too faced cruelty free

Are Too Faced Cruelty Free?

Too Faced have just been bought by Estee Lauder for around $1.45 billion. Yeah. A lot. The brand has been a favourite of cruelty free consumers due to their high quality and cult cosmetics. Now that they have been bought by Estee Lauder there is controversy over whether they are still to be considered cruelty free. 

Already, they have caused brand boycotts online in the cruelty free communities and the brand has since removed its Instagram posts, likely due to the mass 'feedback' from upset consumers. 

The brand has always been confident and proud of their cruelty free status (note: not all products are vegan friendly - view my infographic on the difference between cruelty free and vegan products) as they do not test on animals, use ingredients tested on animals or sell in China. But they have entered the grey area by being owned by a parent company. 


Parent Companies That Test On Animals

Estee Lauder owns a large range of high end cosmetics companies, including its core Estee Lauder brand. As a company itself, it is not cruelty free and so animal testing is involved in their products. Through acquiring brands, they won't necessarily change the practices of that brand. If Too Faced doesn't test on animals, it doesn't mean that Estee Lauder will make them test. Too Faced has assured its consumers that it will remain this way. Despite this, money made through Too Faced purchases will go into the Estee Lauder brand, which helps to fund animal testing. 

This means that by giving your money to Too Faced you are creating profit for a company that tests on animals indirectly. BUT the question is, where do we draw the line? If you buy vegan food from a supermarket you are creating profit for them and therefore funding their production of meat and dairy. 

Supporting brands owned by parent companies that test on animals will ultimately come down to personal opinion and not from cruelty free labelling. They may still be considered cruelty free by practice, but consumers may choose not to have their money going towards a company that tests on animals. 

Another argument is that by spending your money only on the 'cruelty free' brands, parent companies will acknowledge the shift in consumer purchasing and see the popularity of cruelty free brands. This may encourage the parent companies to move in a non-animal testing direction. If these parent companies are so motivated by money then perhaps this will show them what they need to do as people become more conscious of the ethics behind their products. 

Another cruelty free brand to be bought out by Estee Lauder is Becca cosmetics.

If you are unsure where you stand with parent companies or straight up want to boycott Too Faced, there are plenty more brands of similar to equal quality! I shall be following up this article with alternative cult favourites from non parent owned companies. Please subscribe below and follow on Facebook for updates.