Styling Short Hair - Voluminous Bob | Cruelty Free and Vegan

If you've known me for a while, you'll know that I change my hair constantly. This means that they way I style my hair changes a lot and I'm always hunting for new techniques and products. 

I've made a few video tutorials so I thought I would start sharing them with a little more detail about my favourite hair products to use that are cruelty free and vegan. 

Hair Styling Brushes

In this video I show you how I style my straight but voluminous bob hairstyle. Because I like the more rounded shape, I use a barrel blow-drying brush for styling. I usually get the best results if my hair is wet rather than slightly damp (which usually happens if I've let it air-dry for too long while doing my makeup). I will use a vented hairbrush just to do the bulk of the work and then finish it off with the barrel brush. 

Protecting The Hair

Before I start styling it I will use a leave-in conditioning mist by John Masters Organics. This just helps to prevent heat damage but also to soften my hair a little. Since my hair has been quite short, I've been heat styling it a lot more than when it's long so I put in a little more effort to protect it. 

Perfecting and Refining

If I run over it with straighteners then I'll use a second heat defense spray by Superdrug. This is intended specifically for heat defense and I only spray this towards the ends. I don't want to overuse the conditioning spray as I can lead to product build up, which will dull the hair. 

Adding Volume To Short Hair

To add volume I've been using the Charles Worthington Volumising spray, which has been my holy grail for years! It feels like a hairspray but doesn't feel crispy or sticky on the hair - but it does still have a hairspray-like hold. I'll spray it on the underneath of the top sections of my hair and tease it with my fingers. I love this spray so much!