Can Tea Really Help You Detox? | Teagime Personalised Teatox

Teagime Tea Party. Those are tea leaves...

Teagime Tea Party. Those are tea leaves...

A tea detox, or teatox, is not new to anyone. But do they really work? I first got into drinking herbal tea, or tea completely, because I wanted to combat bloating. I started to drink peppermint tea and from there got the taste for more herbal teas. Now I love them all. But it wasn't as magic as I was hoping. Why? I had no idea what I was doing and wasn't sticking to anything for long enough to see the benefits. 

I then tried a well known teatox 'programme.' It flattened my stomach almost instantly, but that was just 'cause it was a laxative. So I was paying a lot of money just to go to the toilet. I decided it was not something I would pay to do monthly. 

So after that I started poking around the internet looking at all the benefits of tea and just wondering how the hell I could do it all without having a tea medicine cabinet. Sooo that's where Teagime come in. (I think it is pronounced like regime, but I like to pronounce it like I'm saying 'tea time.') Teagime contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their personalised tea service. I hadn't seen something like this before and gave it a go. 

It's great because I just had to put in what I needed help with. You can choose to focus on weight loss, energy, bloating, PMS symptoms etc. I liked that I just had to focus on what I wanted to improve and then the hard work was done for me. And then delivered to my door! 

Teagime created a morning, afternoon and evening tea. What was great was that I had said that I wanted more energy and so they tailored the morning and evening for that but then made something a little more relaxing for the evening tea. I can't claim that the tea had me running a marathon but it did help to keep me going through the day. This is where the controversy over whether tea really helps you to detox or not. If you're eating a full english for breakfast and lots of processed foods for the rest of the day, tea is pointless. A laxative tea will get rid of that but... just don't eat it in the first place? Tea is there as an aid. The tea will compliment a healthy diet and that's when you'll really feel the benefits. 

I do not claim to have the healthiest diet right now at all, so I'm not saying you need to be 100% pure raw, but just don't expect miracles when you're shovelling in the rubbish. 

I thought the taste was delicious! It's one of the best I've tried that would be suitable for people who aren't used to herbal teas. I would recommend trying peppermint tea if you're not a herbal tea drinker just so that you can get used to the taste. But I'm pretty sure you'll like Teagime blends as you can select the tastes that you don't like. So if you don't like herby tastes then you can opt for something more fruity. 

What really caught me was the Teagime ethos. It really feels like real tea for real people. And by that cliche I mean that they aren't using images of super slim women constantly and claiming quick weight loss. It's a much healthier approach and makes me feel a lot happier about endorsing the brand. 

The results?

My skin cleared up. I used the teatox to clear my skin and improve its radiance. Drinking tea helps to clear your skin because, 1. You're drinking more water, 2. If you usually have cow's milk then replacing your milky teas with herbal ones will obviously reduce your dairy intake and therefore improve skin, 3. Herbal tea can help to balance your hormones, which control your skin's appearance. 

I had more energy. Having the tea in the morning helped to wake me up a little. An issue I find is that having caffeine from a regular black tea makes me feel quite sick if I haven't eaten beforehand. So I tend to avoid these in the morning. But this tea gave me a nice little pick me up without feeling sick. 

My bloating reduced. This is something that I am constantly battling. I just... if you experience bloating like I do on a regular basis then you'll understand the frustration. The evening tea helped to reduce my bloating and I woke up with a flatter stomach in the morning. Tea can help to reduce bloating but unlike the usual laxative teas, this wasn't a terrible experience. I didn't feel some horrible urge to go to the toilet. Everything about it just felt calming. 

So would I recommend giving Teagime a try? Definitely. If you're looking into detoxing with tea then I think it's probably the best option out there if you don't want to fiddle around trying to concoct your own. It's completely tailored to you and they have your best interests at heart. You can have it as a recurring package so that you're delivered your tea monthly and can update your preferences as they change. Check out their website here and have a look for yourself!