Cruelty Free Makeup Wipes | Pacifica Review

I've never been too fussed about makeup wipes before. I just thought they were all the same. I switched to cruelty free ones of course and they worked exactly the same as regular ... 'cruel' ones. And then I purchased these cruelty free makeup wipes from Pacifica: Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

I had heard a few YouTubers talking about them but honestly just thought they were buying fancy wipes 'cause they could. But I tried them and they're the best makeup wipes I've ever used. They remove your makeup as they should but they feel like they're moisturising my face! Usually makeup wipes feel very chemical on the skin and I thought that's just what you get for being lazy with your skin care. But no! 

Now I should point out that these aren't explicitly marketed as makeup wipes - they're 'cleansing' wipes. But let's be real, we use them for taking off our makeup 2 minutes before jumping into bed. Difference here is that they make me feel like I have actually put care into my evening skincare routine because my skin feels nourished. 

I would like to say that I do actually have a cleansing cruelty free skincare routine that I follow fairly often so I'm not bad all of the time. 

I'd usually spend around £2 on a pack of makeup wipes but these are £4.99. It does seem like a lot to be spending on wet wipes, but I really think they're worth it. If you think about making a bit more of an investment in your skin then you won't want to use as many products trying to 'correct' it. 

Another plus is that they smell so good unlike the typical chemical florally smells. Here are their ingredients and the benefits: 

Papaya, a natural exfoliant, helps revive skin and remove dead cells. Aloe vera and calendula soothe and calm.

When buying more natural or better quality products, you will find that some are more expensive. This is when you've just got to choose what suits you. There's no point splurging on a £30 cleanser if you can't afford it, but you might be able to afford £4.99 on makeup wipes. If not then try a little olive oil DIY - post to come!