[Faux] Leather Skirt OOTD | Vegan-ifying Trends

topshop faux leather skirt

I've found that since looking for vegan clothes, I've had to wait a little while longer to catch on to some of the recent trends. Real leather and wool is even in Primark now. I had been after a decent faux leather skirt that was on trend for this year. There are a lot of pleather ones out there that just feel like plastic. I wanted something like this season's Yves Saint Laurent skirt with the buckle. I had seen Toyshop had something similar but of course it was leather. 

Then on a trip to Westfield Stratford I came across this faux leather beauty. It looked and felt like real leather (whether or not that is desirable to you is completely personal preference. I do think it odd that I still buy faux leather and faux fur... bad vegan?). It fit like a dream, despite it looking so creased here in this photo. It's such good quality too. I had a scope round other shops hoping to find a cheaper version but nothing met the quality of this. 

If you're looking into leather alternatives but worried you won't be able to buy into the trends, you've just got to look a little deeper and be a little more patient sometimes. After all people who couldn't spend over a grand on a Saint Laurent skirt had to wait for Topshop to 'take inspiration' from it. 

I paired the skirt with a denim jacket and a blue, bird printed shirt. (Both from Topshop.) I also wore a choker and a black ribbon tied around into a floppy bow. Just 'cause I thought it was cute.

I tried out something a little new with my eye liner too...

I believe the skirt may have now sold out so here's another faux leather skirt from Topshop that has the same high quality fabric!