Cruelty Free, Vegan, Organic Makeup | Lippy Girl Lipstick Review

vegan lipstick


Ok I'm just going to jump straight into this review and say that I wasn't expecting what I got. I thought that something with natural and organic ingredients might just be... something nice but without oomph? I thought it would be for a natural make up look, just to enhance your natural beauty and all of that. But woah was I shocked when Schmoopey arrived. The pigmentation was unreal! It is absolutely beautiful...

vegan lipstick

The lipstick feels lovely on and feels super moisturising, but this is a matte lipstick! It really does seem too good to be true. I had bought a similar lipstick to this a while ago (after going cruelty free - read about why I got rid of all of my makeup) from a cruelty free brand but then realised it still contained beeswax. This lipstick has replaced it and I think it's even better. It's very Kylie Jenner-esque if you're into that nude lip trend. It has a gorgeous pink tone to it and I don't know how but it makes my lips look so lovely and smooth. It doesn't grab at patches like some mattes tend to do. 

Rather than do a natural look, which perhaps would complement the organic, wonderful ingredients of this lipstick, I wanted to show you, on World Vegan Day, that you don't have to compromise glam for cruelty free products. You don't need bees for beauty - just for living... 

The only con I could think of is that the first few swipes took a while to get going. What I mean by that is it was a little stiff at first, just getting beyond the first layer. It felt as though it dragged on my lips a little - but the colour payoff was so worth it. Now it goes on very creamy and more like a traditional matte lip texture. 

The longevity really impressed me too and I found I don't really need to top it up through the day unless I've been eating - or touching my lips like I have a habit of doing. 

If you were contemplating whether or not to give Lippy Girl lipsticks a try then just go for it and I personally vouch for the shade Schmoopy! Go get yours here.