Organic, Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Cleansing

Organic, Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Cleanser

This is how I've been getting a squeaky clean feeling. Seriously my face really hasn't felt this clean and soft before. This is such a great combo... 

I have recently discovered the wonderful online shop, Love Lula. Love Lula reached out to me a little while ago and gave me the opportunity to try some of the products that they stock. Before I even get into this routine I just had to share the site as I think it is a great resource, particularly if you're only just switching over to vegan and organic beauty products. Here are their requirements: 

"Our brands are hand-picked and tested: products must be created using the highest possible percentage of high grade, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients; and they must be effective, luxurious and guilt-free.

We insist on NO Parabens, NO SLS's and NO animal testing."

Just the peace of mind of knowing that everything on the website is free of animal testing is great. I mentioned in my previous post on   Organic Skincare Products that I'm trying to make my skincare routine more natural and organic and so Love Lula is essentially a one stop shop. I must point out that not everything on the website is vegan, which is what I look for, but they have a section that filters all of the vegan products! 

Now back to the cruelty free skincare routine...

I had been wanting to try a light weight cleanser and looked into micellar water. Love Lula stock a cruelty free micellar water by the brand indemne. It smells like chamomile and is so calming on the skin. I have been putting one squeeze into a muslin cloth by Balm Balm and cleansing my face morning and night... well sometimes I forget. I haven't used a muslin cloth before but it has made a big difference. As long as you aren't scrubbing too hard, you get a slight exfoliation from it and it feels like it's really cleaning the skin. I then rinse out the cloth and rinse my face and then I'll use my moisturisers. Here's a post on my vegan and cruelty free moisturisers. 

The cleanser has lasted me for a very long time and I was really impressed with how little it was going down with how regularly I was using it. The cleansing make up remover  costs £13.13 for 260ml and it lasts a very long time! I imagine this could last you a couple of months if not more. The organic muslin cloths came in a pack of 3 for £8.50 and if looked after these will last a veerryyyyy long time! I'm still only using my first one and just make a point of giving it a good wash regularly. 

I think this is the best cleansing routine I have ever used so far so I highly recommend! 

I thought I'd also throw in this picture of my kitten destroying the photography set...