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Organic Natural Face Care Not Tested On Animals

I cannot say that my beauty routine is completely natural. At all. But when it comes to skincare I am looking more and more for natural products. My logic is that these are applied directly to my skin with the intention of them being absorbed. My flawed logic is that I also apply makeup directly to my skin and currently that is most certainly not natural. But I can at least try. 

I have written about building a natural and organic skincare routine when I first ditched my non vegan, animal tested products but now I've been able to add so many more products to this collection. 

I was contacted by the lovely company avril, who offered to send me some products. I decided to opt for some skincare products to try out. I need to note that not all of their products are vegan. They are cruelty free in terms of animal testing but I believe some products contain beeswax and possibly lanolin. However I loved that the site clearly labelled what was vegan. I didn't have to waste time searching through ingredients lists to find products that are suitable for vegans. 

They are a French company but their products are so cheap that it is worthwhile ordering to the UK! Organic beauty products can rack up a bit of a price tag but I was really surprised at how cheap they were for the quality of ingredients. 

Organic, natural face cream

Organic, natural face cream

I first tried out the organic face cream. This is around £6 for 50ml. Their bio: With apricot kernel oil and organic shea butter, this day cream is ideal to gently nourish dry and sensitive skins. The camomile water and the extract of organic rose leave a light and flowerly fragrance. What did I think? I immediately thought that it smelled like a beach ball. But not in a horribly plastic way, it just brought me back to holiday memories, which is nice. This cream feels thick enough to be very moisturising, but isn't greasy in the slightest and doesn't leave any residue. It also absorbs easily so that I'm not having to wait around before I can do my makeup. I have been using it every morning and I think it's just the perfect consistency. 

Organic, natural moisturiser 

Organic, natural moisturiser 

I then started using the body moisturiser which was about £6 again. Their bio: Gently take care of your skin, thanks to this body moisturizer with 100% natural fragrance. Composed of shea butter and organic aloe vera, its moisturizing power is optimal. This again had a similar consistency to the face cream. It was quickly absorbed into the skin, so it was perfect for using in the morning when I was getting ready as I didn't have to wait for it to sink in before I could put my clothes on. I would say that I have been using this as more of a daily moisturiser as I'm getting ready rather than an intense body butter after a bath or shower. 

Finally I started to use the deodorant. This was about £2 which is so good! It smells absolutely delicious. This is something I spoke about in a previous post on natural deodorants, it won't stop you from sweating. It'll do some work to keep light sweating at bay, but it is there to make you smell nice when you do. So if you're expecting to be powder dry all day, this isn't for you. We're meant to sweat as it helps us release toxins. Something that often happens when you switch to normal products is that your body is used to chemicals stopping it from sweating so it takes a while for it to get back to a normal sweating function. So you need to give products like this a bit of time. But I would definitely recommend this one if you are looking out for something natural.

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