About Daisily

cruelty free living

Firstly, my name is Molly, the creator of Daisily. Daisily never started out as a vegan blog. I started this blog in my first year of uni and I fell in love with the freedom of blogging. It was my space to write the way I wanted to write and to practise my photography - which was pretty bad. 

As I transitioned into veganism I had a moment of enlightenment while away in Berlin. I was going vegan because of animal cruelty but I hadn't even taken my cosmetics into consideration. I decided to get rid of most of my makeup - either selling it on or donating and then replaced it as I went with cruelty free and vegan products. 

I documented this journey on Daisily as I re-built my beauty routine. Now it has become a space to spread the cruelty free message and show others that you don't have to compromise your fashion and beauty style.